Life / Separation / Chaos / Reunion

by White Smoke

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released January 10, 2015

All Songs are Written and Performed by White Smoke

Recorded: Summer 2014 | Soundfactory Lautenschläger | Bodenwerder
Produced, Mixed, Mastered: Autunm 2014 | Sonic Blast | Hameln
Engineer, Producer: Dr. Brennts
Graphical Artwork Designer: Karl Kopka
Guest Vocal Appearances: Buck Austin | Austin Deathtrip
& Daniel Müller | Light Your Anchor



all rights reserved


White Smoke Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Mathrock band from Minden, Germany.
Currently on hiatus.

Often mistaken for other bands with the same name. We're not playing any shows at the moment.

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Track Name: Live.Die.Laugh.Cry
I was thrown into this world
No one told me how this hurts
You call this a living?
I call it chaos!


Tell me everything that matters
Or is the only point
To survive?
Do we live a pointless live?

Teach me how to live!

I'm afraid of learning
How this world is working
What do we live for?
Tell me what you'd die for!
Track Name: Searching For Meanings
I'm exhausted and lacking motivation
Everyone told me it would get better
And everything has a meaning
I just don't see it yet
I do so many thing in circumstances that have been set
No one wants to know
What I think

Growing up isn't easy
We'll make new friends only to loose 'em on our way
It's so sad to realize that even I
am part of the system but it works

I gotta find my place
find my passion, find my love
find meanings, set my goals
I don't feel that I'm ready yet.
Track Name: Eyes Of The Sky
I need these sounds around me
To set myself free
Out of my life to the stars
They're throwing light at me

So horrific!
Put everything out of order!
Let destruction start off first
So we can build instead of rebuild
But what can we do
To hide from the eyes of the sky?

Do we believe that we will get a punishment
For every try to change a part of our life monuments?

Are we just afraid to try?
Is this why we're letting time pass by?
What do we know?
Is there something up there?
Track Name: Challenging The Gods (feat. Buck Austin)
What do you feel now?
When you see all these hopeless kids
Sitting numb on the streets
Giving up their lives
Suffocating under defeats

Aggression keeps their heart beating in time
Enabling them to pretend that they're fine

What do you feel now?
Your're just sitting on your cloud
Looking down on your town
Are you proud? Do you wanna hear them
Scream out loud?

Hey God, what's up? Do you feel f*cking safe now?

Who will be your successor?
You're not immortal
Who will be your successor?
You're just immoral

You cannot point at the kids' faults
If they're a result of your faults

Please loose control and have a look what will happen
Maybe some more doors will be open
Track Name: Burnout Syndrome
Let's stay young forever
Never regretting anything
Turning nights into day
Until we part ways

These days leave me speechless
And these nights leave me breathless
Rock'n'roll! That's what she said
Oh if only she had
An idea of life

That's what she said and now she's dead

It's not an accident
That never sounds so similar to forever

Let's stay young forever

When workaholics turn into alcoholics
It's like someboday falls from water to ashes
You say it's impossible we call it burnout
We will never stay young forever
Track Name: Flying At Sea
So here I walk on these streets again
I am blinded by streetlights
I ask myself am I still a man?
Or am I just a reflection of my fights?

So here I dance
light-footed on a barb-wire fence
Down to the place
Where I've always come
When the world was shrinking
And I was feeling numb

But the air lost its freshness
I am breathing nothing
Where am I going?
The sea lost its sound of the waves
I am hearing nothing
Where am I going?

So here I jump
I threw myself into the deep
Into a life
where I cannot feel a single thing

So here I'm drowning
I watch myself die
Am I still stinking?
Or am I flying?
Track Name: Mirror (feat. Daniel | Light Your Anchor)
Hey you may I ask you a question?
Do you see me when you look into the mirror?
'Cause I don't see you anymore

I never told you that I miss you
'Cause it seems like I don't need you
It feels like suffocating
I'm incomplete now
But I don't need you

I always wanted to know
Why you were never coming back home
Why you never said goodbye
I wonder if you're still alive
Track Name: Reunion II
I'm running reckless
Towards my homeland
I'm leaving all these things behind
That have distracted me
I felt so faceless
Like I never felt before
I need to reunite my mind

I'm coming home
I'm on my way to you
I'm coming home
Into the gloam
It was so cold alone
So alone

Hey there my friend
It's been a long time
We won't be separated again

I'm almost there
It was too much to bear
I'm almost there
It's my reunion
And I am happier than before
Home is where your heart beats
Track Name: Time To Let Go
I'm leaving
It's your turn now

Lead your dreams up to the clouds
I have lost my conscience
And I feel helpless
It's time to let go
To say goodbye to everything I've known

You gotta structure your life
So that all your affections have space
And your emotions come by time

Paint me a picture
A mashup of my life
A recap of my best times

A picture to stare at.
Track Name: Wasted
Let's just get wasted
And crash a party
Would you mind spending the night
With me, Honey

Forget about your money
And spend everything for the booze
Let's just get wasted
Get ready for hanging loose

We'll make this night last forever
All together if we just go nuts as hell
This is just a story you won't ever tell

Make sure you remember names
Don't piss of your 15 babes
And always remember
Stay the f*ck as awesome as you can

Even when you
Wake up don't try to tidy up
Better leave this town
This is just a memory for your own

This place is burnt down
Let's get out of here
And party on
in hell

I wanna party, I wanna party right now
I wanna party!