by White Smoke

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released October 25, 2013

All songs are written & performed by White Smoke
Vocals: Ole Kuhlmann // Guitars: Stefan Horstmann // Bass: Niklas Rathert // Drums: Volker Schmidt
Recorded in July 2013 @ Soundfactory Lautenschläger
Mixed & Mastered in August/September 2013 @ Sonic Blast // Dr. Brenntz
Cover Artwork: Ludovic Marchand, Mathias Roelants



all rights reserved


White Smoke Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Mathrock band from Minden, Germany.
Currently on hiatus.

Often mistaken for other bands with the same name. We're not playing any shows at the moment.

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Track Name: Bird Fly
I lost my wings
Just because of you
I‘ll never get them back
How would a bird fly
without his engines of life
What have you done to me

It‘s because of my state of mind
I keep on wasting time

I will live forever to say
I need you

Are you listening
can you hear my voice
you made your choice
you decided to end
the best part of my life

I miss your kisses
and calm hugs
warm hugs were getting me through everything
I want to feel like
Home again
Track Name: New Year's Eve Forever
I want the new years eve forever
I opened pandora’s box
And looked her in the eyes
Now I’m addicted
That’s why I’m trying to reach the hand in front of my eyes
Oh if only I could touch just her fingertips in a lifetime

When I close my eyes I see myself die
Without her spark by my side

Sing me the song of my life!

Why can’t we turn memories into reality
When it works pretty well the other way round?

Sing me the song of my life!
Should I be proud or ashamed?
I’m just a token in this
Never ending game

I became immortal
I’m still smiling when I’m crying inside
No one can kill me
When just a memory can keep me alive

I am painted by a story that began
Exactly one year ago
We had a great time
I want her back
But now she’s gone
Track Name: Rest
I’m running round in circles
Trying to hide my stitches
We’re all on the edge of humanity
Insanity’s stalking us day by day
And now it’s way too late
To escape our fate

Is it me? Or society?
I can’t tell lies from truth

We’ll keep on walking our line
We’re still waiting for a sign
To show us a way
To get us out just in time

Because of striving for a little rest
We keep on giving our best
All those things we never had
Are just dreams inside our head

We need a rest from dreaming about a life
We stay awake to see it’s just a lie!
But when we dream and we stay strong
We’ve got the grit to carry on